​Rotary Club of Tarpon Springs

Basic Requirements of Membership:

1. Hold, or have previously held, a professional, proprietary, executive or managerial position​

2. Have the capacity to meet the club's weekly attendance or community project participation, or make-up meetings at other Rotary locations or through other activities

3. Live or work within the locality of the club or the surrounding area

4. Be in good standing in your community.

Contact our membership chair:

Joining Rotary is a decision you will not regret! Rotary members come from all social, cultural, ethnic, national, religious, and educational backgrounds. They are normally leaders in their community through service projects, events, and education. Read about what it means to be a Rotarian and the fun you will have right here!

The Process of Becoming a Member is simple:

1. Attend at least 3 weekly meetings as a guest of an existing Rotarian.

2. Be nominated by an existing Rotarian and approved by the board.

3. Be formally initiated and inducted as a new member, usually at a weekly meeting of your choosing.

3. Pay initiation dues and annual membership dues